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Daniel Hansson

Lectures and workshops

I’m internationally active as an educator, workshop instructor and consultant.

In my lectures and classes I introduce participants to my own methods unleashing the creativity within individuals, working groups and organizations through practically applied systems thinking – a creative understanding of the relationship between the parts and the whole; for example mankind and the nature that gives us life. This often lacking understanding is what brings the pieces of the puzzle together in a comprehensible big picture – the context that gives us meaning and meaningful coexistence.

My approach creates unique opportunities for innovation through deeply systemic solutions and meaningful communication by means of a shared language that everyone can learn. This common language is based on a deeper understanding of how parts and wholes interconnect and interact; which in turn directs all kinds of change processes and systems, both in nature and in the designed and social environment.

An outstanding lecturer capable of transcending disciplines to address critical philosophical and environmental issues of our time. The most convincing evidence of Daniel’s success as a teacher is the visible transformation of the students who take his classes.

Course organizer 2012

The class was more than I expected and was innovative, informative and visionary. I highly recommend it to anyone wishing to be challenged and have their eyes opened to a whole new world. Daniel explained sustainability to me in a practical and profoundly relevant way that will help me in my future career.

Course participant 2012

I commonly receive the highest grades in the review of my courses, and I often get to hear that my lecture or workshop has permanently changed a participant’s self-image, worldview and ability to create and bring about change. I have many times been called “the best teacher I’ve ever had” and my courses have often been descibed as “life changing”.

The depth and breadth of the knowledge underpinning my lectures is grounded in my personal, practical experience of research, project management, filmmaking, methodology development and teaching in the areas of environmental science, ethics, transformative pedagogy, communication, and design of sustainable systems and organizational processes, especially during my work as a lecturer at the University of Idaho, USA; and as a lecturer and curriculum-development adviser at Uppsala University in Sweden and Schumacher College in England.

I give open lectures and workshops for the general public, academic courses, and events and workshops  for interest groups, companies and organizations, with content, format and scope tailor-made according to the needs of the organizer.

After an introductory lecture, workshop or deeply meaningful event (half-/full-/2-day), continuing education and tailored consultancy can be practically grounded in a present or planned project.

Read more about some of the themes of my lectures at the bottom of the page.

Extremely valuable, bringing participants to the front of action for change.

DB, former Vice President of Yamaha Motor Europe, participant 2011

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Daniel’s lecture was phenomenal. You could have heard a needle dropping in the room.

Organizer 2009

Daniel is a breath of fresh air. His passion and deep knowledge are motivational. This is what all classes should be like!

Participant 2012

The best course instructor I’ve had. Explained the concepts being taught in an insightful, thoughtful and innovative way, while keeping me engaged and interested.

Participant 2012

A brilliant course instructor! Knowledgeable, inspiring and very good at teaching. Very pleased I took the course!

Participant 2012

My understanding of climate change was definitely enhanced by taking this course. The students were engaged in the topic and were invited into the complexity of climate change and how it is related to the overall health and habitability of the planet.

Participant 2012

This course has changed my view of the world in profound ways. Furthermore, it has changed the way I view my role in the world. In a nutshell, I would say that this course was able to give me something unusual and profound: a paradoxical understanding of the vast complexity of the problems facing our world, and at the same time, a reason to hope and believe that I, that we, can make a difference.

Participant 2012

Lectures and workshops

Voice of Four Winds – Awakening Deep Responsiveness to Nature

An inspiring message on how Man and Nature are unified, how Man creates the climate crisis, and how you, according to the wisdom of the North American Indians, can learn how to hear the message of Nature to get to know yourself and your relationships to all living things, to then be able to more effectively participate in creating a world in balance. Gives you an eye-opening perspective on climate change in terms that anyone can understand.

Spiced up with experiences from Daniel Hansson’s production of a music album for an intertribal Native American drum group in Idaho – a creative encounter that has also become a central theme of Daniel’s upcoming film Terra Religata. The workshop is based on Daniel’s resarch and teaching experience in the fields of ecological climate science.

Format: Lecture, workshop or deeply meaningful event (half-/full-/2-day)

Creative Design According to Nature

How we can learn to create, design and invent with the processes and patterns of Nature as a role model. Focused on experiential learning to release your own unique creative expression. The starting point is the understanding that our own creativity is an expression of our own dynamic relationship to Nature and all living things. By exploring and releasing this power to create, we can once again experience the sense of wholeness, become functioning parts of Nature as a whole, and thereby more effectively and naturally contribute to making the world a better place.

This workshop is based on Daniel Hansson’s research, visual- and sound design and artwork, teaching and methodology development in the fields of systems thinking, complex system theory and sustainable design. Can be directly adapted to present projects or activities.

Target audience: Interested general audience, management/working group, project team or staff

Format: Experiential-learning workshop (full day or longer)

Creative Climate Competence  is my own term for an enhanced, practically applicable understanding of the causes and processes of climate change, and of how your company, your group or organization can adapt to minimize its climate impact and deepen its corporate social responsibility (CSR). I present this message in an engaging and inspiring way that emphasizes the ability of the individual and the organization to change its view of itself and the world, which then contributes in a powerful way to create a better world.

This workshop provides an eye-opening and easy-to-understand perspective of climate change which facilitates deepened internal dialogues and processes related to climate adaptation and sustainable organizational development.

Based on Daniel Hansson’s research and teaching in the fields of environmental science, climate adaptation and the processes whereby ecosystems respond to climate change.

Target audience: Management/working group, project team or entire staff

Format: Workshop/seminar (half-/full-/2-day) with the opportunity of follow-up tailor-made for present or planned operations

Spinoza and the Philosophy of Wholeness

With greater clarity than that of his own day, as well as our own, Spinoza (1632-1677) understood that “we are part of Nature as a whole, whose order we must follow”. He also saw the universe as a single, unified and living reality. The philosopher Spinoza is still more famous than well-known – and even less well understood – regardless of the fact that his ideas made way for modern democracy, inspired Freud’s understanding of the emotions and the subconscious, the understanding of nature of the Romantical poets, Einstein’s theory of relativity, modern cognitive science and the seminal thinkers of the environmental movement. Spinoza’s ideas about what makes a society free are likewise of critical relevance in our own day of mass sureveillance and media control.

Through my unique application of Spinoza, his philosophy becomes a practically useful guide to constructive action, social transformation and sustainable development. I also explain how Spinoza’s philosophy of parts and wholes can be applied to understand complex systems and settings, especially for strategic planning and holistic organizational development.

Format: Lecture, seminar or deeply meaningful event (half-/full-/2-day)

Complexity Management – From Deadlocks to Systemic Solutions

Practical methodology for creative problem solving, dialogue and improved teamwork through applied systems thinking in complex and bewildering situations and activities. Focused on experiential learning through practical application.

This workshop is based on Daniel Hansson’s research, teaching and methodology development in the fields of systems thinking, complex system theory and sustainable design. Can be adapted specifically to present or planned projects.

Target audience: General public, management/working group, project team or staff

Format: Workshop/seminar (half-/full-/2-day) with the opportunity of follow-up tailor-made for present or planned operations

What is sustainable development?

Presents the historical and cultural roots of our global climate- and environmental crisis, and practical means to make way for a sound social order and organizational culture in ecological balance.

Target audience: General public, management/working group, project team or staff

Format: Lecture, seminar or deeply meaningful event (half-/full-/2-day)

From Worldview to Action

How our values and view of the world impact the world, either in the direction of climate disaster and increasing social injustice, or towards a creative and life-affirming culture in balance with the processes of Nature. This understanding enables constructive organizational change rooted in personal development.

Target audience: General public, management/working group, project team or staff

Format: Lecture, seminar or deeply meaningful event (half-/full-/2-day)

Creative Communication

Improve your communication by applied systems thinking. Practical methods to better handle internal value conflicts, conflicting priorities and communication problems.

Target audience: General public, management/working group, project team or staff

Format: Lecture, seminar or deeply meaningful event (half-/full-/2-day) with the opportunity of follow-up tailor-made for present or planned operations

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